Promo code for first n users.

  • 29 June 2024
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I want to generate a promo code which will give access to first 200 users for free.
I want to implement this in flutter. How can I do that?

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Hi @udit,

If you’re giving free access to a subscription, I recommend an offer code with a custom code: You can set the redemption limit to 200. You will have to distribute the code to your customers somehow, either through email, through your app, or some other way. And once the code has been used up, you will want to no longer show the code to users so they don’t try to redeem it anymore.

You can also use one-time codes. You will have to make 200 one-time use codes but the benefit is that you can distribute them to specific users privately and you know that as soon as it is redeemed then it is completely used up.

For one-time purchases, you have to use promo codes: Keep in mind that you can only create 100 promo codes for a specific product. Also, due to limitations in Apple’s API, it’s not possible for RevenueCat to retrieve the promo code details, so the promo code redemption will appear in RevenueCat as a full price purchase.

Finally, you can simply grant free access to an entitlement in RevenueCat using our API: It will require more work on your end to track which users should get access to the app since there is no redemption flow, but might be more flexible than the options that Apple provides.