Products cannot be fetched on iOS

  • 4 October 2023
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Our app is live and iOS users cannot fetch products registered in the RevenueCat dashboard. 

We’ve gone through the documentation and below are answers to each question the article asks to check.


  1. The product identifier set in RevenueCat matches exactly with the store
    Confirmed they match.
  2. You're testing on a physical device and not a simulator
    Correct our customers are reporting this.
  3. The bundle ID in Xcode [iOS] or package name [Google/Amazon] match what's in App Store Connect or Google Play/Amazon Developer console.
    Confirmed it matches exactly.
  4. If you have both development and production environments for your app, be sure to double check you are using the correct bundle IDs [iOS] or package names [Google/Amazon].
    Bundle ID's are correct.

iOS Only

  1. Products are in the in the ‘Ready To Submit’ or ‘Approved’ stateProducts (subscriptions actually) are Approved.


  2. You've signed your 'Paid Applications Agreement'. Double check that it hasn’t expired for an existing app.
    Agreements are all current and approved. 
  3. If you're trying to fetch products from the App Store, ensure you're not using a StoreKit Configuration file 
    Confirmed not using StoreKit Config File.
  4. Changing the reference name in App Store Connect can also cause products to not fetch on iOS. Create a new product with a different identifier, fill out any missing metadata, and attempt to fetch products again.
    The reference name in App Store connect was changed to receive apple approval, however the product_id's did not change.

3 replies

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Hi Nick, It takes 24 hours for products to propagate through the App Store. Is it working now? There is further information here.


It’s working now. The issue was our products were not set to the country we sell in.

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I’ve faced the same mistakes twice… the issue is mismatched bundle id in iOS simulator … any chance the SDK can check it and return an error ?