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  • 29 August 2023
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I the app developer and i purchased the premium version of my app in production. ideally i should be getting something in entitlement active object: [Kotlin code] 

The above code should return true, but only in case of my account its returning as false. and when trying to call the restore method:

Purchases.sharedInstance.restorePurchases(object : ReceiveCustomerInfoCallback{        override fun onError(error: PurchasesError) {            showToast(this@AccountManagerActivity,error.message)        }        override fun onReceived(customerInfo: CustomerInfo) {            val value = customerInfo.activeSubscriptions.toString()            showToast(this@AccountManagerActivity,value)        }    })}


Its throwing some server error.


Please help as currently its reported in my account and could happen with a premium user as well. Thanks in advance.


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3 replies

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Hey @Rishabh Jain ,


Can you please send the error that you are receiving when restoring purchases? 


Are you possibly checking for the entitlement in a sandbox or debug version of your app despite you having the entitlement in production? 

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Hey @Michael Fogel,


Thanks for the reply. When I try to restore the purchase, it shows error message: “There was an unknown backend error”. I’m checking this in prod version of the app downloaded via Google play store.

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Hey @Rishabh Jain ,


This could be happening for a lot of different reasons, I suggest opening a ticket with Support here. That way we can get some more info about this and get debug logs that replicate the situation!