Paywall is not aware of Introductory Offers

  • 30 December 2023
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Im using React Native and have setup my Paywall to include an introductory offer if eligible

For example - {{ sub_offer_duration }} Free then {{ price_per_period }}


Unfortunately my Paywall does not show the introductory offer, even though I am eligible.

This is true on TestFlight & SandBox. New users and existing.


When I start the Apple Payment Dialogue, Apple actually shows me the introductory offer - So this seems to be a problem with RevenueCat.


Does anyone have a solution for this?

3 replies

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Hey @VR93!

Typically, this means that our SDK wasn’t able to validate that the user is eligible for the introductory offer - it’s more common in sandbox and TestFlight for the eligibility check to fail. In those cases, the ‘standard’ terms of the offer are shown, rather than the trial details, to prevent a situation where you offer a trial but the user isn’t eligible. Ultimately, the App Store dialog is the ‘final say’ in whether the user is eligible or not, and will apply the offer automatically at that time.

In production, we find the eligibility check to be more accurate since the store version of the app has a proper receipt that our SDK uses to verify eligibility.

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Hi @cody! I was hoping to be able to test the paywall and the trial eligibility check in Testflight, but this sounds like I can’t do that either. I just tried out my paywall via a Testflight build, and I’m wondering if the eligibility check is failing because it’s Testflight or because I did something wrong implementing it.

Do I actually have to release the paywall to production for all users in the app store, and only then will I find out if the free trial mode of my paywall works as expected?

This is absolutely not okay. I set up the message in this way: Google Play keeps rejecting my app because of this:

Prova gratis per {{ sub_offer_duration }} puoi disdire entro {{ sub_offer_duration }} dopo questo periodo l'abbonamento costerà {{ total_price_and_per_month }}

on phone i see 
Prova gratis per  puoi disdire entro  dopo questo periodo l'abbonamento costerà 15,99€/3 mesi (5,33 €/mese)

Google Says

Issue found: Violation of Subscriptions policy

Your app does not comply with the Subscriptions policy. 

  • Your offer does not clearly and accurately describe the terms of your trial offer or introductory pricing, including when a free trial will convert to a paid subscription, how much the paid subscription will cost, and that a user can cancel if they do not want to convert to a paid subscription.

This is absolutely not okay, my client refuses to pay my invoice because the app is not on the store!!!!!