Payment was charged after that revenue cat threw RECEIPT_ALREADY_IN_USE

  • 6 June 2024
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Scenario Description

I am using the "Keep with original App User ID" feature as it suits my requirements. Here are the steps I followed in a sandbox environment:

  1. User A purchased a monthly subscription using Apple account X.
  2. After a successful purchase, User A logged off.
  3. User B then attempted to purchase a yearly subscription using the same Apple account X.

After the payment was charged to User B, RevenueCat threw the error: RECEIPT_ALREADY_IN_USE.


How can I restrict the user from making a payment if the subscription is already linked to another user, thereby preventing the payment charge before it occurs?

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1 reply

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Hi @naveen-9a4c7d

The user B should never be charged by the stores when using the same account, as this is restricted by Apple.

Did you notice a charge? It's possible that the user saw the payment sheet, but the payment should not have been processed.

Unfortunately, Apple does not share account details with us, so we cannot determine if the user is eligible.