Payment screen keep showing in an endless loop

  • 9 November 2023
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I am trying to add Revenue cat to my IOS flutter app using this package:

After i make a purchase with sandbox and the screens show done(in picture 2), I got stuck in the payment screen, even i re-enter my credentials and pay again the app keeps showing me tha payment screen over and over (i got stuck in this function: Purchases.purchaseStoreProduct it does not return any CustomerInfo even though I paid and the ios screen shows done.).

I checked snadbox in revenue cat dashboard but all of my payment did not get persisted.

Can someone help me, and thanks in advace.

Here is my code(Picture 1):


8 replies

Did you find a solution?


I switched from emulator to my device and it worked !

It works man. Thank you

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I’m having the same issue testing in Xcode 15 in the simulator!

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RevenueCat, are you aware that this is happening? I am testing iOS 17.0.1, multiple devices. The successful purchase never calls the completion block. The dialog shows in an endless loop.

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Also, my app is a huge old Objective-C code base, in case that makes a difference. So this is running in Objective-C.

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It does work when testing on the device.

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yes this is happening to me on Xcode similators!