OpenAPI Specification Errors

  • 26 June 2024
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We are trying to use the OpenAPI spec available on your website but if you run a linter against it, you can see that many of your examples do not align with the specification:


npx @redocly/cli@latest lint



npx @redocly/cli@latest lint


This will show things like:

Example value must conform to the schema: `refunded_at` property type must be string.

238 | period_type: normal
239 | purchase_date: '2019-07-26T01:02:16Z'
240 | refunded_at: null
241 | store: promotional
242 | unsubscribe_detected_at: null


It would be great if the RevenueCat development team could please fix these errors and publish a valid spec that would help us confirm we are calling the API correctly.

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2 replies

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Hey @revcatuser-fc5e80 ! 


We have some instruction on using the API which can be found here:


I will share this with the team so we can look further into it and improve it in the future! Is there any specific questions about using the API right now that I could help with? 


Thanks Michael.

We are using a combination of to generate our client and stoplightio/prism: Turn any OpenAPI2/3 and Postman Collection file into an API server with mocking, transformations and validations. ( to mock our server but it is difficult to use when the examples provided in your spec do not align with the specification (nullable fields). Apart from that your spec is actually one of the better ones I have seen and I hope the linter above will help make it perfect.