Mobile purchases are automatically being tracked by RevenueCat. How can I hide some from RevenueCat?

  • 9 August 2021
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We added RevenueCat to an existing application that already had in app purchases.

We would like to hide some from RevenueCat as to avoid the MTR fee. Is there a way to do this?

We are using RevenueCat for new In App subscriptions but would like to separate these from previously implemented purchases.


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Hey @Zach đź‘‹

RevenueCat automatically picks up on any purchases in a user’s receipt for your app, and we’ll help you keep track of those from our dashboard. We don’t have a way to hide products or purchases, as we will display all of the purchases associated with a user’s store receipt.

If you’re migrating from legacy in-app purchases to a new subscription system, those legacy purchases should start to drop off as users update your app, which will effectively remove them from your MTR over time, even though we will still track them historically. If you intend to have a hybrid model with the legacy in-app products as well as the new subscription products for sale at the same time, that will be included in your MTR as they are new purchases we are continuing to track for your users.

I have the same issue. Old in-app (non-subscription, non-consumable) purchases made before using RevenueCat are being tracked as revenues and counts towards MTR  in RevenueCat and that does not seem right. I want users who have purchased previously to continue using the app without repurchasing so would like to keep it separate.

On RevenueCat side, since you have the purchase history from the receipt, it should be really easy to filter out any purchase made before a certain date (first use date of revenue cat) and not make that count towards MTR. Only new purchases should count towards MTR. Can you fix this please?

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Hey @Rivolu,

MTR (for billing purposes) only tracks the revenue during your monthly billing period, so you wouldn’t be charged for old transactions migrated over to RevenueCat.