Is it possible Cancel Google Play Subscription through the RestAPI?

  • 12 August 2021
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Through the Google Play API you can revoke, refund, and cancel a subscription.


Through the RevenueCat API you can revoke and refund, not cancel. Is there going to be added support for canceling a subscription?


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6 replies

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Adding support for cancelling a subscription via RevenueCat’s API is on our backlog but I don’t have a firm timeline right now (cc @Jens). For now it’s safe to cancel a user’s subscription via the Google Play Console. RevenueCat will detect the cancellation and update the customer’s status.

Note that it’s not recommended to issue refunds via Google Play Console - you’ll want to issue refunds via RevenueCat’s API or customer history page in order for RevenueCat to properly add it to the customer history.

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Hi @sharif. I’m also needing to cancel all Product suscriptions (500 - 1000 units).

I understand that RevenutCat does not have this Feature. Google Play API does.


However, I cannot get the Subscription TokenId of the RC User Purchase in order to Call the Google Play API Cancel Method. 


I looked into the RC GetSubscriber Method, but the JSON response does not include the Subscription TokenId. 


How can I obtain the Subscription Google TokenId?









So the Refund & Revoke Subscription Endpoint doesn’t cancel a subscription? If not, then I’m confused about its purpose...

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Policy uptades from google:

Policy updates
  • We’re updating our Subscriptions policy to state that users must be able to easily cancel their subscriptions from within the app.


You’ll have at least 30 days from the date of this notification to update your app to comply with the following policy changes.

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The ability to cancel a subscription from within an app  is now critical. Google is requiring this. I don’t wan to refund the user for the last billing - only have his subscription not renew. Is there a status update on this?

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@Dani Waxman you can comply with Google’s updated policy by providing a link to the managementURL property in PurchaserInfo (recently renamed to CustomerInfo).