iOS: SKProductsRequest took too long to complete

  • 4 February 2024
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I’m getting rejections from Apple due to the fact that products are not loaded on the paywall during their review. In the logs I see that revenuecat sdk returns “SKProductsRequest took too long to complete” after a very long timeout. And I’m not successful in reproducing this behaviour locally or with any other test devices.


I’m using React Native and what I do in the code is simply call `await Purchases.getOfferings();` and using `7.6.0` version of the library.


I don’t have any additional logs or information since SDK only throws this error. Any advice on how to debug or resolve this?

30 replies


Experiencing this problem too. Never encountered it before. Please provide a status update.


Yup definitely experiencing that as well everywhere : in Production, in Debug, and in Test Flight ...

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I am experiencing this as well, only in production in the wild, and cannot repro locally no matter how many times I try. Early days for my app but already in Sentry I see 48 users and 182 events for this issue, by far the highest out of any. RC team please assist, thank you!


The RevenueCat SDK 5.0 has been published for iOS, does it fix the problem? Did anyone test ? Or anyone at RC can confirm ?

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Same issue here. 


Did some investigation with with different versions but the versioning seems a bit all over the place


Here is our (Expo) setup: 

"react-native-purchases": "^7.3.1",
"react-native": "0.74.3",

Error: SKProductsRequest took too long to complete.


Not able to reproduce locally or in TestFlight. Error happens only in production and affects roughly ~20% of our users (over the last 72h). 


Given how critical this issue is and how long this has been open (~ 5 months) - can this please be prioritised?