iOS SDK - Accessing `Purchases.shared.appUserID` immediately after initialization


Directly after initializing the RevenueCat SDK in my AppDelegate.didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method, I call `Purchases.shared.appUserID`. I briefly looked into the implementation and saw that `IdentityManager.currentAppUserId` (which is used by `Purchases.shared.appUserID` to retrieve the actual id) uses a `fatalError` when no cached app user id is present:


    var currentAppUserID: String {
        guard let appUserID = self.deviceCache.cachedAppUserID else {

        return appUserID


My setup:


    with: Configuration.Builder(withAPIKey: "...")
Purchases.shared.delegate = self
let appUserId = Purchases.shared.appUserID // <- safe?


I assume, that the initialization process via `Purchases.configure` is synchronous and that I can safely call `Purchases.shared.appUserID` as shown in the code snippet above. Is this correct or are there any scenarios in which this will crash or yield an invalid id?

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