iOS 15 prewarming clarification

  • 12 May 2022
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I just noticed the new docs have:

If you are not using RevenueCat's anonymous IDs as described above, and are instead providing your own app user ID on configuration, do not call configure in application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:. Instead, call the configure method in your root view controller's initialization method.

This is a fairly major change, since my app has a complex init sequence. It would be helpful to know more about what's going on here, so that I can correctly adjust my init sequence.

I have read about the unavailability of the KeyChain during prewarming, but what exactly is requiring this change?


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Hey @Phil Mitchell,

This was added to the docs in response to the unavailability of the keychain during prewarming. If you aren’t using the keychain, this may not be an issue. That being said, there seems to be some inconsistency about how far prewarming will actually go during an app launch:

I’d recommend testing for your own app, making note that if you are using the keychain you might want to skip calling configure until your app’s root view controller is loaded.