How to implement trail version with activate deactivate license?

  • 7 September 2023
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I am working on a macOS desktop application using SwiftUI and am looking for a way to implement a trial version that expires after a specific period (e.g., 7 days). Additionally, I want to include the functionality to activate and deactivate a software license.


When the user first installs the app, they should be able to use it for a 7-day trial period. After the trial period, the user should be prompted to enter a software license key to continue using the app. The user should have the option to deactivate the license on their machine, so it can be used on a different machine. I understand that this will likely involve both client-side and server-side logic. However, I am particularly interested in how to achieve this in SwiftUI for the client-side aspect.

I look for a basic example that implements this preferrable integration. The payment can be on a website doesent have to be in app purchase but would be positive of this is possible optional lateron.

Im looking for advice Searched paddle and stripe repros as i inderstand revenuecat does all the billing and is a 1 solution for all payment but how to integrate spftware license on top of payments? Without it payments is not of any ise. I look for examples but havent found anyrhing like this.

Sure there must exist an example not having to reinvent the wheel

an beatefull example of what i mean is

they have trail window and option to vodate license in app 

is that possible with revenuecat?

they implement paddle bit nowhere in paddle githib i find an example app that does imement the licensing like this with a trail period.

2 replies


Additional this is a non movile desktop app

it would be great if i could implement the same payment and software license activation flows on both macos and windows. Plan is to buold macos version first then windows version to follow.


anyone some good advice🙏 really lost on where to starr

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Software licenses don’t work well with Apple and Google in-app purchases, and RevenueCat doesn’t have any software license tracking. RevenueCat is a service that works with Apple, Google, and Stripe to offer in-app purchases and subscriptions.

I think you would benefit from using other services like FastSpring and Gumroad, as they can support software licenses.