How to activate "Trial Period" in android

  • 13 August 2021
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I have integrated revenuecat in my android app, I have the 3 days trial period setup for my app that i want to activate when user starts using the app. And want to show how many days are left for trial expiry time, after trial only i want to ask for the subscription. 

Is there any options to activate the trial and show the trial expiry status?


Thanks in advanced.


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Free trials would be configured on the product in the Google console, and the free trials would auto-convert to paying subscriptions if they aren’t cancelled by the customer before the conversion date.

More info on setting up the products here:


To show how many days are remaining in the trial, you could inspect the PurchaserInfo object and look at the expiration_date of the entitlement, and confirm it’s in a “trial” period type. If you compare the expiration_date to the request_date, that would tell you the time remaining before expiration. 

More info on the PurchaserInfo object here: