How can we identify an upcoming subscription downgrade in the same group?

  • 21 September 2022
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I am very new to Revenuecat so I may have missed something. Consider the following:



  • Suppose a user is currently using premium version A.
  • Suppose it has decided to downgrade to premium version B - in the same Subscription group, and thus ‘purchased’ version B via the app, using the RevenueCat SDK.
  • The downgrade will only become active when the current period of version A expires.
  • In the RevenueCat dashboard I see the event: Changed their renewal preference to ‘Premium version B’.



After ‘purchasing’ version B nothing seems to change to the customerInfo object indicating that a downgrade to version B is expected to come. 



I’d like to inform the user that their renewal preference is changed to Premium version B, how can I achieve this if nothing of this kind is available in the customerInfo object?


Additional info

I am currently testing only with purchases in the app store.

1 reply

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IMHO, there is no need to complicate the UI by indicating a future subscription to B plan.  I would wait until subscriptions B becomes active and your UI will show that and users is expecting that.

I know I am not answering “how to get a change of plan status” but I just thought it might help to not make it an issue for your app.