Handling Purchase After Reddem Coupon Code iOS

  • 11 January 2022
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Hi there,

I am using Offer Codes on iOS App Store.

So I am using Purchases.shared.presentCodeRedemptionSheet() to trigger redeem coupon view. 

How can I handle the purchase and execute some code after purchase is done?


Normally I can handle it inside 

Purchases.shared.purchasePackage(package) { _, purchaserInfo, _, _ in

But I want to know how to handle that case when using presentCodeRedemptionSheet

2 replies

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Hi @Utku Dalmaz,

`presentCodeRedemptionSheet()` doesn’t have a callback so you’d have to rely on our PurchaserInfo listener to detect when purchases are made through that flow. You can read about it more here:


Thanks. When I want to use this with PurchaserInfo

extension AppDelegate: PurchasesDelegate {
func purchases(_ purchases: Purchases, didReceiveUpdated purchaserInfo: Purchases.PurchaserInfo) {
// handle any changes to purchaserInfo

How can I differentiate the payments whether a normal subscription or offer code?