Google Play changes with regards to new EU guidelines

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The following message popped up on our Google Play console on June 2:


Changes for users based in the European Union
Jun 2, 2022 23:25

In light of changes to EU consumer laws, we would like to inform you about important changes to prices and promotions on Google Play for users based in the European Union.

Disclosing personalized pricing We've added an API to the Google Play Billing Library that will inform users in Google Play's purchase flow that an item's price has been personalized using automated decision-making. Please reference Art. 6 (1) (ea) of the Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EU) to determine if the price you are offering to users is personalized. To inform Google Play of when to add this disclosure you must have the latest version of the Google Play Billing Library (v.5.0) and call the setIsOfferPersonalized() method when an item's price has been personalized for the user.

Changes to products & services previously labeled as "free" Going forward you may also notice changes to how price reductions and promotions are displayed on Google Play. For example, a promotion historically labeled as a "7-day free trial" will be displayed as "7-day trial."


Will RevenueCat make that new setIsOfferPersonalized() function available via the Android SDK? Or will we be able to set this via a checkmark on the dashboard?

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