Google Developer Notifications not working

  • 7 January 2022
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Hello all,

I have setup real time developer notifications for my Android app, everything seems to be working fine and when I click the “Send test notification” in the developer console, the notification is successfully sent and no error is provided, however, all my Android purchases keep getting automatically cancelled 3 days after a successful purchase. My guess is that the purchase is cancelled because they’re not acknowledged by the SDK.

I’ve followed the setup steps multiple times and the purchase flow and everything else works as expected, but it is really frustrating to see all my purchases returned because some misconfiguration on either mine or RC’s end that I haven’t been able to pinpoint.

I also setup a new Pub/Sub subscription to the topic automatically created by the RevenueCat system and I successfully receive the base64 encoded notification with a payload similar to this one:



I would appreciate if someone from RevenueCat can guide me through this, review my setup or jump on a call with me to try to figure out what the issue is. I would happily provide more specific details about my app through private message.


1 reply

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I mainly want to understand why my purchases on Android don’t work when iOS ones have worked since day one with no issues. The documentation clearly says “RevenueCat does not require server notifications from Google Play”. Why are my purchases not being acknowledged?  Should I have different purchase flow implementations for each platform?