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Hi everyone, 

We are building web application in Flutter and wanted to ask if you can support it anyhow? 

I have checked official SDK and it seems to not be supported: https://pub.dev/packages/purchases_flutter/score. As of now, we have a great experience integrating your product on iOS and Android.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, 

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Hey @Marcin Karmelita 

Support for Flutter web is on the product roadmap, but not something we currently support. Since this is something we are considering, it’s difficult to provide a concrete ETA. Our SDKs are wrappers around our API, so you should be able to do everything that our SDKs do. To integrate RevenueCat on the web, check out our guide on implementing Stripe web payments. To fetch products from Offerings, you can use the GET /offerings endpoint to do so. 

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This would be a great addition to the Flutter SDK! Also, Flutter now has stable support for Windows, with Linux and Mac soon to follow. It would be great if RevenueCat could add support for web using Dart (and REST, of course), then it would also work for the desktop platforms.

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It’s been months, can we can an update of any sort for flutter web support?

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@tina Our team also needs to access Revenue Cat on Flutter web. Is this is something that can be prioritized in the roadmap?

Also if the SDKs are wrappers around the API, curious if there anything inherent to web that makes this difficult for the team to support in the Flutter library?


Hi! this is also one of my requrements, I would like to have one subscription system for web and mobile

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Hi together,

any update on web support for flutter? Web supports means deployment to web.

Many thanks.

Best regards

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Any updates on this? 

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Would be interesting for us too. Are there updates on RevenueCat for web?

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Any roadmap updates for web support? Currently seeing “uncaught (in promise) Error: MissingPluginException(No implementation found for method setupPurchases on channel purchases_flutter)” in web.  Looking for other solutions atm so I can use Android, Ios & web

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@tina hey any updates on this? thank you