Flutter Paywall not translated


I created a paywall with english and german translations. My iPhone is set to German (region Germany). Unfortunately the paywall is still shown in english. I deployed the app with flutter run --release to my physical iPhone 15 with iOS 17.5.1. On my physical Android device with Android 12 it is working fine.


Flutter 3.22.2  -  purchases_flutter: ^6.29.4  -  purchases_ui_flutter: ^6.29.4

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Hi @kevin-fe2f76! Can you please ensure that:

  • Your device’s language is set to German
  • Your Sandbox user’s App Store Country or Region is set to Germany
  • Your default localization in Xcode is set to German 

Please let me know if you continue to run into issues. Thanks.


Hi @jeffrey_bunn,

thanks for your reply. After changing the value of the key

CFBundleDevelopmentRegion to de instead of the default $(DEVELOPMENT_LANGUAGE) it was working. But later in production this value won’t be changed. Will it be translated then? Btw. I use the flutter package flutter_localizations to translate my app.