Experincig error.

  • 9 December 2023
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I am experiencing this error when I initialize  products. in flutter using Revenuecat. i don’t know how to resolve it it.  


W/BillingClient( 4521): getBillingConfig() failed. Response code: 2

E/[Purchases] - ERROR( 4521): 🤖‼️ Billing is unavailable. App is in foreground. Won't retry.

E/[Purchases] - ERROR( 4521): 🤖‼️ Error getting billing config - DebugMessage: An internal error occurred.. ErrorCode: SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE.


E/[Purchases] - ERROR( 4521): 🤖‼️ PurchasesError(code=StoreProblemError, underlyingErrorMessage=Error getting billing config - DebugMessage: An internal error occurred.. ErrorCode: SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE., message='There was a problem with the store.')

E/[Purchases] - ERROR( 4521): 😿‼️ Error fetching offerings - PurchasesError(code=ConfigurationError, underlyingErrorMessage=There are no products registered in the RevenueCat dashboard for your offerings. If you don't want to use the offerings system, you can safely ignore this message. To configure offerings and their products, follow the instructions in

E/[Purchases] - ERROR( 4521): More information:, message='There is an issue with your configuration. Check the underlying error for more details.')

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Here is documentation on the SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE error that you're receiving: from RevenueCatfrom Google Play.
This error almost always indicates an issue with the Store itself, rather than with your app. Their servers may be down, or on a delay. The only thing I'd recommend double checking on your end is that your Google Play package matches across RevenueCat, Google Play console, and your build.gradle file in your app. If that's correct, then I'd recommend just retrying your operation, and setting up a retry system as well to handle this error in the future.