Error when purchasing non-subscription and refunding

  • 17 November 2021
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I'm testing in a sandbox environment using Flutter (Android).
I purchased a non-subscription and then refunded it.

Then, when I perform a restore, an error handling with the following content is returned:




I/flutter (12532): PlatformException(16, There was an unknown backend error., {code: 16, message: There was an unknown backend error., readableErrorCode: UnknownBackendError, readable_error_code: UnknownBackendError, underlyingErrorMessage: Backend Code: 7651 - The payment for this non-subscription product is not complete.}, null)

W/BillingClient(12532): Error consuming purchase with token. Response code: 8

E/[Purchases] - ERROR(12532): 🤖‼️ Error consuming purchase. Will retry next queryPurchases. DebugMessage: Item is not owned by the user.. ErrorCode: ITEM_NOT_OWNED.

I know this error is on Google's side, but is there anything I can do on RevenueCat's side or my code implementation? Is there a way to resolve the error?


2 replies


I share new findings!
I don't think there is any action within the current RevenueCat to consume the refunded product after the refund.
Is there a way to consume the refunded product within RevenueCat?
If not, are there any plans to provide this implementation?
I think it only affects Android.

I'm sorry if this proposal is off the mark for the original issue.


- reference:


-Development Environments:

purchases_flutter: ^3.6.0
Flutter (Channel stable, 2.5.3)

Device - Android 9


I share new findings.
As already mentioned, this error occurs after a refund has been made.
However, the restores made after repurchasing same or another product during this error worked fine.
I feel that this issue only occurs immediately after the refund.
And it's not an error that disappears over time. It keeps happening every time I make a restore until I make another purchase.

I hope this helps solve this problem.
Since it is a translation, I apologize if it is difficult to understand.

Thank you!