Error: The receipt is not valid on Catalyst

  • 29 October 2022
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I don’t know why I am getting this error. It was working well before on iOS, except on catalyst.

Then I’ve broken all this!

Purchase failed. Error Domain=RevenueCat.ErrorCode Code=0 "Unknown error." UserInfo={source_function=purchase(sk2Product:promotionalOffer:completion:), NSUnderlyingError=0x600001be9080 {Error Domain=RevenueCat.ErrorCode Code=8 “The receipt is not valid." UserInfo={source_function=convertUnsuccessfulResponseToError(),


Note that after purchasing the product I see a message saying: “You’re all set, your purchase was successful.”


Do you have an idea where to look at?

I triple checked all keys & config. (bundle id, shared secret, ...)




Best answer by Haley Pace 2 November 2022, 21:41

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That’s great that you checked your bundle ID and shared secret, those are potential causes of this.

Usually the 'receipt is not valid' error indicates an error with configuration, so there could be something else you missed. Can you confirm a few things for me:
- You've followed the StoreKit test guide (valid for simulator and device):
- You're using the latest Purchases SDK
- You've re-uploaded the StoreKit certificate after making any changes to products or code-signing
- All of your products in the StoreKit file are listed in the RevenueCat dashboard 


Hi Haley,

thanks for your help. StoreKit certificate was the problem. It’s working now.

are non consumable product are being displayed in dashboard on is it only displaying subscriptions?

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Great, glad it helped! Yes, on the dashboard subscriptions, and consumable/non-consumable products are displayed.