Does not return original_transaciton_id and transaction_id

  • 9 October 2021
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Hey guys,

We are trying to get the original_transaction_id and transaciton_id after the purchase. However, we are not receiving those information. We want those information to save in our logs once the purchase is done. Also, we want to use those information for our report. 

Here is what we receive after the purchase. Where there is no transaction_id or original_transaction_id. Can you please suggest how we can get those values after purchase?

    "productIdentifier": "1q_4.99_1m",
    "purchaserInfo": {
        "activeSubscriptions": [
        "allExpirationDates": {
            "1q_2.99_1m": "2021-10-08T13:55:03Z",
            "1q_49.99_1y": "2021-10-08T13:29:45Z",
            "1q_6.99_1m": "2021-10-09T10:44:02Z",
            "1q_69.99_1y": "2021-10-08T13:40:03Z"
        "allExpirationDatesMillis": {
            "1q_2.99_1m": 1633701303000,
            "1q_49.99_1y": 1633699785000,
            "1q_6.99_1m": 1633776242000,
            "1q_69.99_1y": 1633700403000
        "allPurchaseDates": {
            "1q_2.99_1m": "2021-10-08T13:50:03Z",
            "1q_49.99_1y": "2021-10-08T12:29:45Z",
            "1q_6.99_1m": "2021-10-09T10:39:02Z",
            "1q_69.99_1y": "2021-10-08T12:40:03Z"
        "allPurchaseDatesMillis": {
            "1q_2.99_1m": 1633701003000,
            "1q_49.99_1y": 1633696185000,
            "1q_6.99_1m": 1633775942000,
            "1q_69.99_1y": 1633696803000
        "allPurchasedProductIdentifiers": [
        "entitlements": {
            "active": [Object
            "all": [Object
        "firstSeen": "2021-10-08T12:24:36Z",
        "firstSeenMillis": 1633695876000,
        "latestExpirationDate": "2021-10-09T10:44:02Z",
        "latestExpirationDateMillis": 1633776242000,
        "managementURL": "itms-apps://",
        "nonSubscriptionTransactions": [],
        "originalAppUserId": "$RCAnonymousID:61dde1de1e4sdf4766bdsfda1a86b0a2321",
        "originalApplicationVersion": "1.0",
        "originalPurchaseDate": "2013-08-01T07:00:00Z",
        "originalPurchaseDateMillis": 1375340400000,
        "requestDate": "2021-10-09T10:42:10Z",
        "requestDateMillis": 1633776130000

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Hey @Bishwadeep KC ,

We don’t have a way to get the  original_transaciton_id and transaction_id through our SDK, but we do offer this in our Webhooks. Our webhook events wold contain both the  original_transaciton_id and transaction_id  on their events.