Do I need to migrate all InApp purchases (non consumable)?

  • 11 August 2021
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Our App has quite a lot of inApp purchases for e-book like content.

The current system works and it would be easiest to just keep it as it is (for the iOS side). Our server knows about the available items and the item content. Adding all products to revenueCat would not really add value and might introduce errors.


Is it possible to use revenueCat just be handing over the product ID? Or is it better to leave the purchase code as is and use the revenue Cat SDK for handling the subscriptions?


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Hey @Clemens :wave: ,

All purchases in the receipt file are tracked in RevenueCat, even if products aren't added to any Entitlement/Offerings in the dashboard. This means If a user purchases a product that has not been set up in RevenueCat, the purchase will still go through and be tracked in RevenueCat.

That being said, if you are using entitlements to unlock access to some content and the product isn’t attached/set up in RevenueCat we won’t be able to grant access to that entitlement.  

Let us know if this helped answer your question!