Consumable IAPs & Login

  • 31 July 2022
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In apps that sell consumables items (e.g. gems), from what I understand, it’s necessary to provide a server to track the gem balance for a particular user. I’m not clear on what the requirements are for the origin of that user. Is there a way to avoid creating auth flows in the mobile app and rely upon RevenueCat to coordinate the various anonymous IDs associated with the Apple ID? Can this work between app deletes and re-installs?


In summary: Is there a way to track consumables (and the their balances) between app re-installs without needing to implement auth in the client.




Best answer by Jacob Eiting 2 August 2022, 17:18

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2 replies

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Usually, we can use a receipt to “restore” and alias two anonymous users together. However, consumable purchases only show up in the receipt file for a limited time and therefore won’t be able to be aliased after a delete and reinstall.


One option might be to use the keychain and something like Firebase to persist the auth info in the app group, but this isn’t without its tradeoffs. The best option is some kind of login system. 


Thanks so much, Jacob! Firebase is a no for us, so Login System it is!