Apple subscriptions not available in TestFlight

  • 2 March 2023
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Sorry for the basic question, maybe it’s trivial, but I promise that I tried to find solutions online before posting. :) So I have created subscriptions in both Android and Apple stores, setup the entitlements, offerings and products in RevenueCat for both platforms. The subscriptions show up on the Android emulator and also a real device, but they for some reason don’t load on my TestFlight builds on iOS. The status of the subscriptions is “Ready to Submit” on the app store connect page, but I don’t want to submit an actual “live” version yet on the app store, only test it first in TestFlight. What am I missing? I also read somewhere that I need to upload a debug build to TestFlight, not a release build to have the subscriptions show up. How do I go about it? THanks a lot in advance!

1 reply


Well, I’ll be damned. :) It now works. I have noticed for some reason that the offerings were missing, even though I am pretty sure I added them. But now after adding them the subscriptions started to show up in my TestFlight build. :) Awesome. :)