Apple Subscription without trial reported by RC as having a free trial

  • 22 January 2023
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We have several products defined in the App Store. Two include a free trial, the third does not.

Depending on which is offered to the user, we dynamically want to control some messaging in the app. For the product without a free trial, we specifically want to suppress anything about “try for 3 days”.

Unfortunately, debugging shows that the value for package.storeProduct.introductoryDiscount?.paymentMode is erroneously  freeTrial.

We are using SDK 4.17.2. I have verified that the product defined in the App Store has no introductory pricing set. I have also tried to verify that the product is setup in the RC dashboard without indicating any sort of trial period for it (although it doesn’t appear that the RC setup of products even asks for that info.)

Either we’ve done something incorrectly on our end, or there seems to be a bug in the SDK.

Before I file a bug report, I thought I would ask here.

Thank you!

2 replies

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Some more investigation shows that even Apple thinks the product in question has a free trial. I verified this using their APIs to fetch product info. The odd thing is their UI for configuring subscriptions does not show any introductory pricing for this product!

Not sure what to do, but it’s clearly an issue on the Apple side of things. I can see that the RC SDK is just including what it receives from Apple.

Thanks anyway.

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Last follow-up. The actual cause of my issue was a StoreKit configuration in my dev environment. I was able to remove that entirely, and things started working locally as I expected. More importantly, however, code we have in the field now should also be working as intended. Whew!