Apple server notifications does not work

  • 14 November 2022
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Hey! I have added the revenue cat uri on my project for server notifications on apple connect but it still does not trigger when it should. I added the revenue cat uri to both production and sanbox as version 2.

When trying my subscription and the webhooks on play store it works as expected, but ios does not trigger until i open the app or like 15 min+ after it should. 

Any ideas why it does work or why it does not trigger? 

1 reply

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Hey Henrik,

Are you referring to the connection between Apple’s servers and RevenueCat’s servers? I’d like to quickly point out that that’s not required for RevenueCat to work, it simply improves performance. This pipeline might be a little slow when compared to how quickly sandbox subscription renew. In production a 15 minute delay in S2S notifications is usually unnoticeable, especially when you consider that initial purchases are immediate (because the SDK is communicating directly with RevenueCat) and because subscriptions have a renewal cycle of at least 1 week.

Let me know if you have any other questions!