Apple rejects subscription because it is not visible

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Hi there,

we have an one-time IAP in our app. Additionally we want to experiment with short-time (weekly) subscriptions. We thought that would make sense in our case, since some of our users are using the app just 1-2 weeks in a year.

So we created and submitted a subsription on the store, but it got rejected, because it is not visible in the app. To attach it to an entitlement it has to be published in the store, which again not possible, because it is not visible. How do we solve this chicken-egg-situation?


We have begun the review of your in-app purchases but aren't able to continue because your submitted in-app purchases indicate a change of business model for your app. 

Specifically, your existing Non-Consumable business model has changed to include a auto-renewable subscription in-app purchase business model type.

Therefore, we need to verify the implementation of your submitted in-app purchases in the app to ensure your app, and its in-app purchases, are in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Next Steps

In order to approve your your new in-app purchase business model, we have to verify the purchasability of the items being sold. Please upload a new binary and make sure that your new in-app purchase products are available for purchase at the time of review.


Thanks for any help!

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Same issue here.

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Would love an answer to this problem. The only workaround I can think of is to submit an app binary for Apple review that implements a working native StoreKit solution, just to get my subscriptions approved. I’m really hoping that’s not the solution.

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So… we just hit the same problem trying to add a new subscription price point. Did anyone figure out how we’re supposed to work with Apple on this?