Always get USD when using package.storeProduct.currencyCode

  • 26 April 2024
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Hi, experts,

I have iOS app and would like to show currency by using RevenueCat SDK (package.storeProduct.currencyCode).  

I have set up currency and price in Apple Store such as below, product/entitlement/offering in RevenueCat and so on so forth.  

But I can only get USD instead of TWD.

Do I need to set up or miss anything in Apple Store?  Or that SDK is not the right one to use?

Please advise.  Thank you.



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2 replies

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Hi @gh-developer, thanks for reaching out! Pricing information on-device is based on your device’s region, so if it’s showing you USD, I’m wondering if your region is set to the US. Can you let us know what region your device is set to?

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Hi, Jeffrey, thank you for reply.  The region setting in device is Taiwan.