• 13 February 2024
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We have just launched a new webhook event type: TEMPORARY_ENTITLEMENT_GRANT. 

This event gets sent if we were temporarily unable to validate a purchase with the respective store and have granted a short-term entitlement to the customer. It is sent in exceptional situations (for example, a partial app store outage) and is used to avoid customers making a purchase but not getting access to their entitlement. The expiration date of the entitlement is always at most 24 hours in the future. Once the exceptional situation has been resolved and RevenueCat can validate the purchases, a regular INITIAL_PURCHASE event will be sent.

Reacting this event is completely optional. If you are using the RevenueCat SDK or API to check customers’ entitlements, this temporary entitlement grant is already taken into account. Only if you are maintaining entitlement status separately in your backend should you consider reacting to this event. The event is launched as opt-in: If you wish to receive it in your webhook integration, you will need to select the respective setting in your webhook integration setting on the dashboard:

Please note: because this event type is dispatched in cases of limited connectivity with the store servers, it contains less information than a regular purchase event. The following fields are guaranteed to be present: app_user_idpurchased_at_msexpiration_at_msevent_timestamp_msproduct_identitlement_idsstore

2 replies

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I don’t see the “Temporary entitlement grant” checkbox in the firebase integration settings on the dashboard - am I looking in the right place?

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Hi @Neil , thanks for the question. We haven’t added that event to the Firebase integration yet, I will check with the team how easy it is to add it there.