iOS 4.20.0

iOS 4.20.0

New Features

  • Add StoreProduct.pricePerYear (#2462) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)


  • HTTPClient: don't assume error responses are JSON (#2529) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • OfferingsManager: return Offerings from new disk cache when server is down (#2495) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • OfferingsManager: don't consider timeouts as configuration errors (#2493) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

Performance Improvements

  • Perf: CustomerInfoManager.fetchAndCacheCustomerInfoIfStale no longer fetches data if stale (#2508) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

Other Changes

  • Integration Tests: workaround for XCTest crash after a test failure (#2532) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • CircleCI: save test archive on loadshedder-integration-tests (#2530) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • SK2StoreProduct: simplify currencyCode extraction (#2485) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • PurchaseTesterSwiftUI: added visual feedback for purchase success/failure (#2519) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • PurchaseTesterSwiftUI: fixed macOS UI (#2516) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • MainThreadMonitor: fixed flakiness in CI (#2517) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • Update fastlane-plugin-revenuecat_internal (#2511) via Cesar de la Vega (@vegaro)

  • Xcode: fixed .storekit file references in schemes (#2505) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • MainThreadMonitor: don't monitor thread if debugger is attached (#2502) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • Purchases: avoid double-log when setting delegate to nil (#2503) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • Integration Tests: added snapshot test for OfferingsResponse (#2499) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • Tests: grouped all Matchers into one file (#2497) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • DeviceCache: refactored cache keys (#2494) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • HTTPClient: log actual response status code (#2487) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • Generate snapshots on CI (#2472) via Josh Holtz (@joshdholtz)

  • Integration Tests: add MainThreadMonitor to ensure main thread is not blocked (#2463) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto)

  • Add message indicating tag doesn't exist (#2458) via Cesar de la Vega (@vegaro)

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