iOS 4.15.0

New Features Added LogLevel.verbose (#2080) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) Other Changes Fixed LogLevel ordering and added tests (#2102) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) TimingUtil: fixed Xcode 13.2 compilation (#2088) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) Generate documentation for iOS instead of macOS (#2089) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) Update fastlane (#2090) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) CI: speed up docs-deploy by only installing bundle dependencies (#2092) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) Tests: replaced toEventually with new waitUntilValue to simplify tests (#2071) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) CircleCI: fixed docs-deploy git credentials (#2087) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) Added verbose logs for Purchases and StoreKit1Wrapper lifetime (#2082) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) StoreKit: added logs when purchasing and product requests are too slow (#2061) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) Created TimingUtil to measure and log methods that are too slow (#2059) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) SKTestSession: finish all unfinished transactions before starting each test (#2066) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) CircleCI: lowered no_output_timeout to 5 minutes (#2084) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) Removed unused APITesters.xcworkspace and created RevenueCat.xcworkspace (#2075) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) Atomic: added new test to verify each instance gets its own Lock (#2077) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) Logger: exposed generic log method (#2058) via NachoSoto (@NachoSoto) To view new release, visit