Android 8.0.0

Android 8.0.0

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Breaking Changes

  • Support BC7 (#1737) via Toni Rico (@tonidero)

New APIs:

  • SubscriptionOption.installmentInfo which contains information about installment plans you might want to display in your paywall.

  • PurchasesConfiguration.pendingTransactionsForPrepaidPlansEnabled allows to enable pending prepaid subscriptions.

Breaking changes

  • Increase min Sdk to 21. This was increased in BC7

  • Increase min kotlin version to 1.7.0

  • Remove UpgradeInfo

  • Remove all purchasePackage and purchaseProduct methods using UpgradeInfo. If you want to perform upgrades/downgrades, please migrate to use the purchase(PurchaseParams) method, which has options to perform that operation.

Other Changes

  • Bump kotlin to 1.8 (#1726)

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