Android 6.3.0

Android 6.3.0

New Features

  • Support DEFERRED mode (#985) via swehner (@swehner)

  • Add completion callback to syncPurchases API (#1002) via Toni Rico (@tonidero)


  • Workaround bug in android 4 for JSON objects with List (#942) via Andy Boedo (@aboedo)

Dependency Updates

  • Bump fastlane-plugin-revenuecat_internal from fe45299 to 13773d2 (#1015) via dependabot[bot] (@dependabot[bot])

Other Changes

  • Bump dokka to 1.8.10 to support Gradle 8 (#1009) via Toni Rico (@tonidero)

  • Disable offline entitlements temporarily (#1023) via Toni Rico (@tonidero)

  • Fix integration tests in CI (#1019) via Toni Rico (@tonidero)

  • Add offline entitlements integration tests (#1006) via Toni Rico (@tonidero)

  • Disable offline entitlements in observer mode (#1014) via Toni Rico (@tonidero)

  • Extracts setup and teardown to BasePurchasesTest (#1011) via Cesar de la Vega (@vegaro)

  • Support forcing server errors for tests (#1008) via Toni Rico (@tonidero)

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