Worldwide availability of RevenueCat (China, Russia, etc.)

  • 2 June 2022
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I’m considering using RevenueCat for my iOS app for subscriptions.

However, my customers are coming from all over the world - a lot from Asia.

I’ve read on the forum that isn’t reachable from China (and eventually other countries as well). Is this still the case? - If so, what’s the solution for it?

Also, is there a list of areas where RevenueCat is not working/operating?

5 replies

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*Bump* Anyone has experience with this topic? 

Hi Chris,


To our knowledge RevenueCat is not blocked by the Great Firewall. It may however be blocked by individual ISPs or local governments within China.


Our customer-base does have several million subscribers originating in mainland China. RevenueCat cannot provide any specific workarounds for potential blockers however, using a proxy is probably the best bet.


I hope this helps! 

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This is unfortunate. Any literature to read related to this?

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We observe the same thing. For the Rest API users, this can be fixed by proxying RC’s api through Cloudflare. For the SDK, we need the RC team to look into it !