Why can't the start time and exit date of the Apple small business program be set to a future time?

  • 1 February 2024
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I have already applied for the Apple Small Business Program. When filling in the dates, for the start date, I can enter an exact past date when my application was approved. However, I don't know when my planned end date will be. I don't expect to reach $1 million in sales, so the program may never expire. How should I fill in the end date? Also, I found that the end date can only be selected as today or any past date, but not any future date. Is this a bug?

2 replies

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Hi @dison,

The “Exit date” field is meant to be filled in after you leave or are removed from the program, which is why it won’t accept a future date. You can leave it blank for now!

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After I accidentally chose a date, it couldn't be emptied selectively! I can only delete the date through the keyboard. And it also shows red error warning.