When migrating all legacy products have to be added?

  • 24 August 2021
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We’re currently migrating to RevenueCat. In the past we had many products on Android/iOS mainly for pricing tests where user subscribed to. We don’t offer these products anymore but of course these users should still have access to the PRO features.

Do we still need to add all these legacy products (subscriptions) in RevenueCat too, so we can find out they have a valid subscription? Or do we only have to set up the products that we actually want offer in the app?

And will this affect analytics somehow when products are not added?




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Hey @Janis!

If you want the products to unlock “PRO” access, then you will need to add them to RevenueCat and put them under the “PRO” Entitlement.

If you don’t add all the products, the transactions will still get tracked in RevenueCat, but they won’t unlock any Entitlements.