What' the Webhook event type for promo codes?

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The [docs]( don’t mention about the event type when a promo code is used for a subscription. 


As soon as the user redeems a code, I want to get a webhook event so that I can update user’s data on my backend. How can I then do it? 



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This is a great question.

When the promo is purchased, a webhook will come in with the following fields,

"period_type": "PROMOTIONAL",

When it expires,

"period_type": "PROMOTIONAL",
"type": "EXPIRATION"

When it comes to syncing customer information to your database, we do recommend using the webhooks only as a trigger to call our API. You can find more information about this here.



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Thanks for the answer. 

Does it also mean that the user won’t be charged once the subscription (via promo code) expires? I think they must be charged as there’s no such thing as “Free subscription” but “Free trials to subscription”.