User said that he subscribe but not showing

  • 16 June 2023
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Hi, a friend said that he subscribed to my app, but is not showing in the revenuecat customer page, but he have a active subscription showing in apple. Screenshots attached

What might have gone wrong?




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7 replies

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Hi @rgusso 

Difficult to know without much context… but I there are a few alternatives

  • After subscribing, the purchase did not go to RevenueCat?
  • Maybe the purchase is associated to a different user?

Do you have any information about the subscription the customer is reporting to have? If the user can send you the order ID of that transaction, you can search in in the customer’s view from the Dashboard


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Hello MarcosC,
No, after the purchase, it didn't appear on RevenueCat, but it showed as an active subscription on iTunes.
I asked him if he changed users both in my app and on iTunes, but he said he didn't. The only thing he told me was that the internet where he was, was very unstable that day, dropping all the time.
I will ask him for the OrderID of the transaction and check.
Thank you for the response.

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You can also ask the end user to restore their purchases -

If somehow that purchase did not reach revenuecat, then the restore should restore it :D 

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I asked him for that. He tried to do it, but it didn't work because, as you can see in the attached image in the question, the customer's subscription doesn't appear on the revenuecat customer page.

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I have over 500 subscriptions in my app, and this is the first time it has happened. It's probably due to a bug or something that occurred during an internet connection issue. I asked them to cancel the subscription, and when the deadline expires, he will try again.

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I found out! The user said they hadn't changed the username, but they actually did. They had a typo in the email address and created another user. I was able to figure it out through the TransactionID. Thank you for your help.

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Great !