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  • 2 July 2021
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Multiple subscriptions? How?

Although rare, it's possible for a user to have multiple active subscriptions. On iOS, this could be done by accident if a user has multiple devices using different Apple accounts and purchased on each one. On Android, a user may have tried to upgrade/downgrade a subscription but instead purchased a duplicate. If using RevenueCat to make purchases on Android, you need to specify in the purchasePackage method whether it is an upgrade/downgrade, or else it will be treated like a regular purchase.

If neither of the above cases apply, or you see a lot of subscriptions on the same user in RevenueCat, you may have hardcoded an App User ID instead of using a unique identifier for each user. Each subscription is actually associated with a different Apple or Google account, but each one is tied to the same hardcoded App User ID in RevenueCat. In order to separate these users out, you should release an update to your app that clears out the hardcoded App User ID, then delete the affected user from RevenueCat (they will have to restore purchases again to regain access).

Inspecting the Customer History timeline in RevenueCat can help you identify the user flow. 

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