Undocumented/unexpected customer history

  • 2 February 2024
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Running into another unexpected set of events for a customer (app user id: ob5Wpc3mWKUoYCtijpDVtXy2XnP2).

It seems that the EXPIRATION event came just a few minutes after the billing issue (when the grace period started). EXPIRATION event is expected to come at the end of the grace period if the billing issue is still persistent (current grace period is set for 3 days).

Currently this causes a contradiction, since the EXPIRATION is meant to remove entitlements, but the Customer Profile page in the RC Dashboard has Entitlements listed still..


3 replies

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Hi @cube20ever20,

I checked this customer’s Google subscription object and what you see in RevenueCat lines up with what Google shows in the object. It is strange but the timeline matches. I can share the object with you if you open a support ticket.

It also looks like the entitlement in RevenueCat expired (I see rc_ent_premium Subscription expired on 2024-01-31). It may have taken a little time for the data to propagate to the dashboard.

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So Google expired this subscription before the grace period expired? Is this expected and documented (as I did not see this flow in the docs)?
The customer’s Google subscription object: is this something I can check myself in the Play Console or only from you?

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@cube20ever20 I don’t think Google documented this specific behavior but we have seen anomalies like this in the past. If it’s happening frequently I think there’s a case for us to document the quirk as a heads-up but this info’s coming from Google so we wouldn’t really be able to do much about it.

We don’t make the subscription object available to you but our events are a pretty transparent representation of Google subscription objects. In fact, we tend to reflect every change a Google subscription object goes through via events.

One thing you can check in Google Play Console is the order: all you need is the order ID (GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345) to view the history. It doesn’t always match one-to-one with the Google subscription objects that are returned in their API but it’s a very useful tool to use. If RevenueCat is way off of what’s in Google Play Console we can look into the underlying subscription objects and see if it’s a discrepancy within Google’s systems or ours.