Unable to restore Transactions

  • 24 January 2022
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I am currently using revenueCat to handle IAP.

My app is working well on android platform. However, when I am trying to use it on IOS, I am unable to restoreTransactions and I am also unable to perform any transactions

I have followed the instructions here: and also set up API Keys.

I can connect to my Appstore and load the required in-app purchase.

However, when I click on it and fill in the login details of the testers account (Sandbox Testers). Nothing happens.


Sorry for the questions, I have been fixing this issue for several days and I cannot find any clues to fix it. 

I am also using the following code, but I am unable to restore anything and the code stucks here.

PurchaserInfo restoredInfo = await Purchases.restoreTransactions();


1 reply

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Hi @Mok Ka Long 

The restoreTransactions method is meant to reactive any content that has been previously purchased from the same store account (sandbox or production for Apple, Google, or Amazon). If the account you are using does not have any purchases associated with it, the restore is re-syncing an empty receipt. 

Are you able to purchase the product first? This should be done through await Purchases.purchasePackage(). Docs for reference: 

Have you checked out the debug logs yet and notice any errors?