two same subscriptions for different users who are using the same Android phone?

  • 7 September 2023
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I am building an app in Flutter with a Google in-app subscription and an Apple in-app subscription.
I am using purchases_flutter in Flutter for payment. It only returns the payment details when I check the user subscription which is the following.
If I log the user out of my app and log in again with a different email ID, I still receive the same information and can't repurchase the same subscription.
Is there a way I can buy two same subscriptions for different in-app users who are using the same phone?

1 reply

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Hey @sirin-abu-sheikhah-07c299,

It sounds like what is happening is you are logging out of the underlying Google account on the device, but the RevenueCat SDK is still configured with the same previous user ID.

Since RevenueCat pairs transactions from the underlying store account to the identified user ID in the SDK, it’s expected that even logging out of the Google account on the device would still result in the other transactions still accessible from that user ID.

I’d recommend having the user logout of your app, and re-assign them a new user ID if you want them to be able to subscribe. Otherwise, entitlements will still be unlocked for the previous user’s transactions.