Transactions fail with "billing issue"

  • 26 November 2021
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I have RevenueCat integrated with one of my apps and I loved it so far, but recently I’ve noticed that some of my transactions fail with “billing issue” for example last week I’ve had 4 in a row free trial conversions to paid users fail with a billing issue which seems too odd to be coincidence 1 of the transactions first failed with billing issue then 24h later appeared as “converted from the free trial”

The api version the app uses is: 3.11.1

Users with billing issue are using IOS 14 and 15 and located in US and Australia

So are there some logs that I can check to see what was the reason for the failed transactions or can someone from RevenueCat check that for me? 

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3 replies

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Is there anyone that can answer my question I have one more customer that converted 3 days after his payment method failed.

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Hey @Andrey Dimitrov! Apologies for the delay here! This got lost in our queue.

We don’t have much insight into why Apple sometimes fails to bill customers (usually the customer’s card was declined). If it shows as the trial converted a few days later, it’s likely that the customer fixed their billing issues then re-subscribed, which we consider to be a trial conversion since they previously had a trial at some point in the past for that product.

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Hi @cody - related to this, Is there somewhere in Revenue Cat that allows you to get list of all failed payments, even those that then passed the billing grace period and where cancelled. When we filter customer list to Billing Issue, it currently only shows those that are currently in this state. Can we see historical data of those that ever had a billing issue? Just looking to do some analysis on how often this occurs.