Trace an iOS purchase in AppStoreConnect

  • 28 June 2024
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I am looking to trace a specific purchase and cancellation that I see in Revenue Cat’s Customer Profile in App Store Connect. Is this possible?

I know that in Google Play Console, under Order Management, there are Order IDs I can map to transaction_id’s from RC.. But not sure I can see the same in App Store Connect.

Do you guys know if Apple has a full customer view that tells me the lifetime revenue for that customer and the final take home amounts?

Thank you

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2 replies

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Hi there,


You can see the whole purchase history in RevenueCat customer’s page. You will be able to see all the steps the subscription has gone through and if the user has re-subscribed or changed the duration of the subscription.

You can get the history of a transaction in Apple via their API, here’s the documentation of the endpoint that will get you all that data.


I hope this helps!

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Thank you @joan-cardona , it does help a bit yes. I am not familiar with the Apple API but will look into it.

But I guess there is no similar history view in App Store that you know of?

What I am trying to do is validate what I see in the RevenueCat customer’s page, because over the course of a month the numbers do not exactly match from what I think the revenue coming from Apple should be. And I think I narrowed it down to a single customer that made a purchase and quickly cancelled it and I am not sure if Apple counted this purchase. Customer ID is fhW93RhY2CMzVD50iNj0eYno79N2. I do not have free trials and I do not see a refund in RC dashboard. So what would be the correct way to make sure that purchase actually turned into a profit?

Any advice is appreciated. thank you