Test redeem offer codes in sandbox environment

  • 27 December 2022
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Hello, I’ve managed to invoke presentCodeRedemptionSheet() inside the react native app, and did successfully setup the subscription offer codes in the app store. However when we try to redeem the code, native modal says that the offer has already expired even though expiration date is in the future. Is it possible to test the subscription offer codes in the sandbox? thanks

2 replies

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Hey There! 


Since launch, Apple's in-app Offer Code redemption sheet has proven to be unstable. For example, the sheet may not connect, may not dismiss after a successful redemption, and may not accept valid codes. Additionally, sandbox and TestFlight behavior has been seen to be inconsistent.

A workaround may be to instead redirect customers to the App Store app to redeem codes. 


With that being said, testing is possible but just can be hit or miss and it seems like the issue you are having here is with Apple reporting that code as expired for some reason, not necessarily that the code is broken or anything.


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The reason behind this is that Apple promo codes are only available to be tested in production. More on link below