subscriptions still in sandbox after published app in store

  • 6 April 2024
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I have just published on stores my Flutter app with the new subscriptions, but it is still on sandbox, and when i try to make a purchase, the bottom modal has the Testflight text.
How to switch to release env?

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7 replies

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Did you 'flutter build ios'? 

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Nnormally I do “Archive” with Xcode, to build my app

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Yes me to. But first I do flutter build ios, or flutter build appbundle (for Android).

Then archive with xCode and upload (iOS only). 

Apple do their usual scrutineering and if there are any issues (showing test content for example), the app will get rejected until its fixed.


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yes that’s why. app was approved without issue. anyway i will try your suggestion. thanks. i let u know

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i was able to upload the android app on store and i get same problem. I guess i have done something wrong during my set up, since both stores show sandbox subscriptions.

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Hi! you do not need to do anything on the RevenueCat side in order to allow production purchases to occur. Can you let me know how you are testing in the production version of your app downloaded from the app stores?

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I do not know about Apple yet, but on android my phone is still part of the testers thus it will always do the sandbox - the only way to test this for sure it to try it on a phone that’s not a tester. Hope that helps - cause I’d love to know if that works - cause you got me a bit worried as well