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  • 21 November 2022
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How would you go about stacking on top of a subscription. For example user “A” has monthly basic subscription for $5 which allows 1 account to be monitored, say they want to add an extra account to be monitored for an additional $3 but still remaining on the basic option, meaning the total new subscription amount will be $8 per month.

This should be dynamic so that if the user wants to add any given amount of accounts it would still work

How would you be able to go about this?

Thanks in advance 😎


Best answer by sharif 23 November 2022, 20:14

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2 replies

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Hey Riccardo,

This business model isn’t really supported well by the Play Store, but one thing I’ve seen work better is to have different “tiers” that provide a specific number of seats. So tier 1 might be the base subscription, tier 2 allows the user to monitor 5 other accounts, etc. And then you can let the user upgrade and downgrade their subscription between the tiers as desired.

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@sharif Thank you for your response. Ill try play around and see what comes of it 🙂 if I cannot figure it out then I will try this method